Superb Man

'lo all.

I thought I'd spend a day or two working on a full colour Superman piece and it only ended up eating a week out of my life. 

Anyways, here's a step-by-step process:

The original, hand-drawn lines...

I then took said lines and digitally traced over
them in Flash (that 'S' shield had to be completely
redone as the original version was a mess)...

Next up, I add the basic, flat colours. This can take a while,
as I want the colours to look just right...

In order to make the piece 'pop' a bit more, I decided to add
a nice and vibrant sky background; nothing too fancy, but it
does the trick. During this stage, I also add the shades and
delete many of the outlines. The few outlines that are left
have some colour added so they blend in more. As you can
see, I also changed the shade of red on Supe's costume in
order to make it contrast more against the blue...

This is how the image looks after I've exported it from Flash
to Photoshop. Most of what you see here will get cropped out
in the final stage...

Before I go on to do the final crop, I add a simple gradient overlay
on a separate layer on top of the image. I find this gives the image that
extra bit of 'oomph' and really gives the colours an extra bit of
vibrancy. I also do some minor alterations to the image levels...

Et voilĂ ! The final piece, post crop.



I've started drawing in my new Moleskine book and thought that it would be a fitting way to get this blog kick-started again. I'm hoping for this to be the first of many such updates throughout the year 2012!

Happy New Year, all!


Moving on

Well…now that the daily comic is finished, it’s time for me to —



Daily Comic 365: Fin

Here we go, the final page.

Apologies for the crappy photo, I couldn't scan this as I don't have access to an A3 scanner at the moment (I did this page on A3 rather than the usual A4).

My wrist hurts.


Daily Comic 364: Penultimate


So, one day to go before I reach 365 days of doing this daily strip and I'm sure it's fairly obvious that I have been running out of creative juice. I've been 'humming and ha-ing' over whether or not to continue the strip after day 365 and have come to the conclusion that to do so would be doing both me and you lot a disservice. I don't want to be drawing comics just for the sake of doing so and I owe it to all of you who have been following my progress to start afresh.

So, after day 365, I'm going to start focusing on doodles, sketches and pinups; which I will post here on a mostly daily basis. Doing a daily comic has been fun but I need to start doing something else, at least for a while. I hope you'll stick around : )


Daily Comic 363: Cyclic

It’s hard to tell which is square one when they all look the same.


Daily Comic 362: Curiosity

Watching one's back is always important.