'lo all.

It's just over a week since my return from the New York Comic Con and I thought it was high time to get my blog going again. 

To kick things off, I did some sketches of the main characters from a three page story (written by Mike Lynch) I'm working on. It's basically a slightly alternative take on the age-old tale of Red Riding Hood. 

 As you can see, these sketches are rather, eh, messy to say the least. Reason being, I got a brush pen through the post today and decided to give it a whirl. It's been quite a while since I last laid hands on a brush pen and, to be honest, I never did much with my previous pen other than quick doodles. After being so used to inking my work with Microns, I must admit that it is pretty difficult to get used to using something that encourages you to draw both quickly and accurately. However, I'll try and stick with it as I have a feeling that brush inking would suit my current style far better than the rigidity that Microns encourage.

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