Other Work

Not much of an update today, I'm afraid. Most of my day was taken up with putting together most of the pages of a mini-booklet with examples of my comic art printed inside (including art from both Rodney Tentakle and RiRa, amongst other things). I basically see it as a sort of disposable portfolio that I can hand out to various publishers at the upcoming New York Comic Con, at least that'll give them time to look over my work at their own leisure if they so wish.

I just wish when going into this that someone told me how bloody difficult it is piecing a book like this together. Many a bad word was uttered and the rage was strong in me. However, it has been a valuable experience and I have learned quite a lot, I'll definitely be better prepared next time. Luckily, there are only a few more pages to go, so I'm hoping to have the book printed and bound (with a stapler. Old school, yo) by the end of this weekend.

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