Happy Thorday!

I decided I wanted to change my avatar on Facebook/Twitter/Blogspot/etc. so I drew up a quick sketch of my face and gave it a digital lick of paint.

Obviously, I cropped the image down to size for use as an avatar online.

Next up, a pic of Marvel's Thor for my friend's birthday. Only trouble is, now that I've drawn this I don't want to give it away! What do I do?

In other news I'm beginning to think I really need to stop putting off buying a Macbook Pro. My current laptop is ok for doing basic things like listening to music, watching videos or browsing the web but when it comes to CG'ing? Oh God. My laptop can handle simple enough colouring jobs but the minute it has to deal with tons of layers and elements it just says "F*ck you" and does nothing. Sometimes it'll even shut down under the strain. Bah! Can't have that!

Oh well, only a matter of time now.

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