Yes, that's with an 'E.' Yes, I know.

Ever go back over your old childhood drawings and find one that's so weird or interesting that you think to yourself 'I wonder what it'd look like if I drew it now...' Yeah, me neither. Still...every now and then it's fun to give it a shot. You get the added satisfaction of knowing that, artistically speaking, you can beat the crap out of your younger self. Feels good, man.

The original masterpiece in all its glory

Here's CAPTEN DOOM for a new age. No doubt he's laying the smack down on my younger self. Damn straight.

And here's some other stuff I did before my little sojourn into DOOM:


Neil said...

I need a bible-sized hardcover of CAPTEN DOOM. I'm not even kidding. Please make this happen.

NHOJ said...

We'll see :)

Kevin Mc Namara said...

Capten Doom looks like he's holding a syringe to his crotch, interesting plot dynamics, I like it, the new versions cool!