Daily Comic 79: Mang

Reddit is responsible for my blog having its highest hit rate today, that's why.

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Cognoman said...

I've been trying to contact you via Skype, but to no avail, heh. So I figured I'd just nab you on your blog. This is suddenly happening: http://satellitesoda.com/phpBB3/
(scroll down to the part where it says February)
If you're up for it, you're obviously totally welcome, what with you being the king of it from its very inception 6(?!) years ago, haha. But yeah, no worries. As for this comic: I assume you saw Sean's Reddit comic? He just did one too recently, heh, and then some pirate made a bootleg copy of it and replaced "Reddit" with "Facebook", heh...hmm, now I'm half-thinking I should make a bootleg of yours, but maybe I'll replace Reddit with some sort of depraved pigs-in-clown-outfits-porn site or something, heh. And sign it 'John Cullen'.

Hm. Maybe that was one of those thoughts I should keep in my head.