This page should have been a doddle, it should have been plain sailing but noooooo, my Mac decided it was going to crash the hell out of Photoshop when I least needed it, resulting in me turning the air a particularly cruel shade of blue. I bought this bloody machine so I wouldn't have to deal with shite like this. Ah well, I gain some satisfaction knowing that getting these pages completed on my other laptop would have been nigh-on impossible, not without taking major shortcuts anyways.

After all that, I decided today I'd show you the full page rather than the usual one panel preview. Eh, I'm feeling generous!


Super Wizard!

I decided to do some drawing today as I was afraid of getting rusty. Felt nice to physically draw on paper after spending so long doing digital work!

First up, we have my version of one of the main character from one of the oddest and most interesting comics of the Golden Age. His name? Stardust the Super Wizard! I apologise for how terribly his hand is drawn and also for the incredibly tiny head, no excuses for such terrible mistakes.
I first came across this comic in reprinted form within the pages of "An Anthology of Graphic Fiction, Vol. 1" (a must-buy if you're into comics at all). The first thing that strikes you about Stardust is that the art is extremely primitive looking, being pretty badly drawn even for Golden Age standards. However, ironically enough, the art (coupled with the insane writing) is what lends this comic its strange charm. It also happens to be incredibly creepy, feeling almost akin to a fever dream put down on paper in visual form. Whether this was intentional or not, we'll never know.
The creator of Stardust, Hank Fletcher, is just as much of an enigma as his fictional creation. Little is known of the man and it is only in recent years that he has gained any kind of popularity. This sense of mystery behind the creator is quite apt considering his output.

Anyways, moving on to my next (decidedly different) image. It's...well...see for yourself:

Only a tiny handful of people will 'get' this image. For those of you that don't? You're better off, believe me.


Page 4's colours are done. So, as per usual, here's a panel taken from the page for your viewing pleasure.

This was definitely my favourite page to colour so far. I'm sure the fact that my art on this page was a tad more refined than the previous ones (thus making colouring the page easier) had a major part to play. Then again, this page has some kick arse moments too -- I mean, who wouldn't enjoy colouring a panel involving a pissed off, multi-tentacled fella with lots of science type doo-hickies in the background? Exactly.

Anyways, enjoy!


Page 3.

No boobs though.

The colours for page 3 of Rodney Tentakle are finito. I must say that I surprised myself with this one, I'm looking forward to seeing how the other pages turn out!