This page should have been a doddle, it should have been plain sailing but noooooo, my Mac decided it was going to crash the hell out of Photoshop when I least needed it, resulting in me turning the air a particularly cruel shade of blue. I bought this bloody machine so I wouldn't have to deal with shite like this. Ah well, I gain some satisfaction knowing that getting these pages completed on my other laptop would have been nigh-on impossible, not without taking major shortcuts anyways.

After all that, I decided today I'd show you the full page rather than the usual one panel preview. Eh, I'm feeling generous!

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Dan Bolinski said...

i have to tell you, these colors and inks you have been laying down are awesome! Glad to hear you got a machine that can keep up with your coloring needs. Too bad photoshop is playing games with you, it happens. Keep it up my man, you are really making me want to dive into a comic for myself!