My homage to the King of Comics.

I'll have access to a scanner again from tomorrow, so this is the final comic page captured by webcam.


Cognoman said...

That half-face on the right of the image is rendered remarkably well. Why if it wasn't so goofy-looking, I'd almost think it was real!

Aheh heh...just messin' around. A-hyuk hyuk.
Great, great inking, as always.

NHOJ said...

Cheers, Conor.

Funny thing about the rendering on that face in the second panel was that I only did it because my brush pen was beginning to run out of ink. Rather than just through away the nearly spent cartridge, I used up the last of the ink in order to shade that head. I find worn down pens that are running low on ink can create really nice shading and texture effects.

Cognoman said...

Oh, aheh, I was referring to the other half-face...the one behind the page.

Still, if you rendered THAT face with a drying-out brushpen, that's even MORE amazing.

(...I'm referring to the face behind the page, again.)

(Just to be clear, these have been jokes.)

(...well, the part where I mentioned how great your inking is wasn't a joke. That part was meant seriously, in the most humourless, sombre way possible.)