Hey Jude

What follows is a pic of Judith Griggs, the lady involved in the copyright shitstorm that went down on the net today...

Long story short, she printed someone's article in her 'Cooks Source' magazine without their permission. When taken to task about this, she basically told the offended party that they should appreciate what she did. Oh, and also that everything that is put online is ripe for the plucking.

Little did Mrs. Griggs know that you do not piss off the Internet, otherwise it will bite you. Bad.

I'd almost feel sorry for the absolute hatred being spewed over on Mrs. Griggs' magazine's Facebook page but she definitely brought it upon herself with how she has handled all this.

Ah, Internet drama, gotta love it. It'll be forgotten in no time.

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ABS said...

Is this loosely based on how she really looks?

Today's Cook's Source copyright hype is faster and stronger than when ebaumsworld got caught red handed stealing from ytmnd.
I think mainly because Cook's Source's response was made public, but ebaum's response, that people didn't get to see, had the same attitude, but worse.