Daily Comic 10: Slay

I inked this page with an old set of fountain pen nibs that I found while rooting through my art supplies. It's been a few years since I last inked in this manner so it was rather tricky, trying not to smudge lines as I set them down on the page. I also found some old brushes, so I used them to do the grey parts and also add a bit of splatter.


Lord_Garvals said...

Oah! I so love the design of this monsters! He's like Jaffar in his Reptilian-Cat-Worm - form!
But i kinda confused - what's going on? Monster ate that warrior and warrior came out of monster's belly? (confused 'cause warrior don't have a sword …at the beginnig - so who's coming out from that belly?)

NHOJ said...

I'll paste in my reply from Facebook:

Cheers Vince.

That bit at the end is supposed to be the warrior summoning a sword out of the ground, the sword being held by a zombified/undead hand.

You're the second person to say that they thought the page depicted the sword coming through... the monster's belly. Unfortunately, that's completely my fault as I didn't make the visual storytelling as clear as it should have been. I'll definitely take that as a lesson for the future.