I'm rather taken with the cult indy PC/Mac title by the name of 'Minecraft,' a game that drops you into a close to infinite sized world and let's you rebuild it as you see fit, all while fighting off the dreaded 'Mobs,' various horrible creatures that want to make you more familiar with a concept known as death. It's basically every Lego play session you had as a kid only on an even grander scale, I fully encourage you try it out!

Anyways, on that subject, I decided to put together my own interpretation of some of the Mob creatures as seen in the game -- from left to right, we have the Slime, the dreaded (and pretty much one of the game's most iconic creations) Creeper and finally, the bog-standard skeleton.

Looking at the piece, I notice that my drawing of the Creeper is...er...how do I put this...kind of phallic looking? Entirely unintentional, I assure you!

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