And here. We. GO.

With only a few weeks until the New York Comic Con, I decided it was high time to shift my arse in gear and get some Rodney Tentakle pinups done. The pages I have done for the comic are all well and good, but there's something about some nice looking pinups/cover art that just sort of fleshes out the package, you know?

As you can see, my process is pretty sketchy - I keep things loose and just let myself go with the flow. Sometimes this works, other times no. In the first image, I had a pretty concrete idea in my head that I simply transferred to paper. The second page, on the other hand, is a lot looser, with me basically putting pen to paper and seeing what happens (you'll notice as well that I've messed around with a possible new design for the story's Yeti characters).

Oh, also, while I have your attention, a certain someone is colouring one of my drawings. I'm not going to tell you who's doing the work or which piece they're colouring just yet buuuuut...let's just say I've seen a work-in-progress and have been blown away! Watch this space!

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