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My 'net has finally returned. Huzzah! In the time since my last update, I've got the inking for Rodney Tentakle completed and have moved on to colouring. So far, I've got page one pretty much done (aside from a few things that need editing) and it is looking very spiffy indeed!

While I won't be showing you the full page juuuust yet, I've cropped out one of the panels for you to look at:

In other news, it turns out that my name (along with my writer buddy, Mike Lynch) are listed over on the Eagle Awards nominations page for...well...you lot to nominate. Don't ask me how that happened but I'm certainly not one to complain! So, be a dear and head on over to the nominations page and nominate the following:

1: Favourite Newcomer Writer: Mike Lynch
2: Favourite Newcomer Artist: John Cullen
3: Favourite New Comicbook: Rí Rá

Speaking of Rír, I picked up a few copies of the second issue last week and it is looking very dapper indeed. Congrats to everyone involved! If you've got a spare bit of cash laying about you could do far worse than buying a copy, let this link do the work for you.

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