t e l l y T i m e

Well, last night heralded the airing of my talk about the RíRá comic (and comics in general) on RTE's 'Nationwide.'

I'm going to be honest, I absolutely dreaded watching it as I feared I'd come across like a complete tool. Luckily enough, I only came across as sort of a tool. Seriously though, major thanks to RTE and especially Doireann (that's pronounced Dir-Inn) for granting me this opportunity.

For those of you that still want to watch my ugly mug plastered on your TV/monitor, then you can watch the piece over on Nationwide's site.

Anyhoo, the following picture was shown at the end of the piece. The producer ended the thing with me saying something along the lines of how I'd be happy whether rich or poor if I can continue drawing, so she wanted me to do up a caricature of myself depicting this in some way. Here's the pic:I then decided to try colouring it up, unfortunately (as I've mentioned before) my crusty ol' laptop is on its last legs with regards to doing art-type-stuff and almost died a death when adding simple flat colours to the above but only got some of the colouring done before I gave up in sheer frustration at the sheer slowness of my machine:

Instead, I just cropped out the head and decided to finish colouring it up in order to use it as my online avatar:Handsome, eh?

Update: I uploaded that video to Youtube, making it easier for you lot to check it out. Unfortunately, the video quality isn't all that but it'll do for the time being.


ronan said...

im going to buy a copy of rira

Anonymous said...

You did well on Nationwide, John. The superhero angle was unfortunate, though - did you really equate superheroes with comics not just being for kids??

Been a good while since I picked up Rira #1 - did other issues follow?

NHOJ said...

I was talking more about how I felt when I first discovered superhero books when I was in my teens -- up to that point, I was only used to reading the likes of the Beano and Dandy, so superhero books seemed very 'adult' in comparison.

NHOJ said...

Oh, and yeah, issue 2 should be hitting the shelves next week.