Like father, like son...?

All quiet on the Western front, eh?

Sorry about that. To make up for my lack of drawing-type-goodness in the past week I'm giving you lot the inks I did for a pinup involving two characters from my (along with a certain Mr. Hendrick) current comic project "Rodney Tentakle."


The kid in the picture is obviously the rambunctious Rodney, but who is that multi-tentaKled (*ahem*) fellow? Well...look at the comic's title, then look at the image, put two and two together and if you have half a brain, you'll have your answer. Answers on a SAE to the usual address please.

Then again, you could always just look at this blog entry's title and have your answer straight away. Yep.

So, why is he all tentacley? Why does he look like the ever-so-slightly sinister sort? Well, you're just going to have to wait to read the comic now, won't you?


Kevin Mc Namara said...

Tenacle penis? I mean thats what your getting at right? Or am I alone on this, hmmm my mind always goes to the darkest place...

Kevin Mc Namara said...

oh ho tantackle yes you were talking male reproductive glands thank god!

alex fine illustration said...

Nice ink work. Good clean lines.

Anonymous said...

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