Guess who's back...

G'wan, give a good guess.

Yes, hello you. I've been back in Ireland since December and, I'm going to be honest, it's only in the past week or two that I'm beginning to settle in again. I have to admit that I was like a zombie for a good month or so after I came back. Going from the vibrancy of Toronto to the general hum-drum-drudgery of small-town life in Ireland was quite the shock to my system. As time has gone by though, I've begun to get myself into a daily routine of lots of exercise and drawing so that's helped me out quite a bit.

I've got loads of drawings done in the past few weeks but, most importantly, I'm currently getting myself ready to get going on an 8 page comic strip by the name of 'Rodney Tentakle' (as written by the mega-talented David Hendrick). I spent a few hours today getting all the pages laid out so now it's just a matter of putting pencil to paper and getting this baby done. To tide you lot over, here are a few character sketches and a sneak peek at the roughs for one of the pages. Enjoy!

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