I hate cafés...

...I don't know about you lot but I can't stand cafés.

Now when I say 'cafés,' I mean the utterly cosmopolitan spots such as your Starbucks and what-not. I don't know why it is but I always feel incredibly awkward in such a setting, perhaps the waves of pretension given off by people there mixed with the smell of coffee (not to mention a hint of quiet despair) does something specific to my brain to make me feel this way.

It also helped that the table Ty and I were sat at was so close to another table that we could hear what was possibly the most heart-breakingly awkward conversation going on between a guy and a girl. I'm guessing it was their first date or something and -- hoo boy -- I felt for the guy, I really did. His conversational manner at first gave me the impression that he was interviewing this girl for a job or something. As time went by, I was put in mind of a ship that has sprung a pinhole leak -- painfully and oh-so-slowly taking on more and more water. I feel horrible for saying it but Ty and I garnered some entertainment from the poor chap's flailings.

Aaaaaanyhoo, enough of that. Here's some sketches I did while all that was going on:

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I totally understand your hate for cafes. I think what really does it for me is that everyone brings their laptops and take up large tables sitting by themselves while they work on their screenplay, novel, or memoirs. CLEARLY trying to get noticed. Like you said, it's just pretentious. This is Bakashonen from deviantart by the way :)