Carved up my first Jack O' Lantern in a few years this evening. I love the fact that scooping out the innards of a pumpkin feels so horrible and visceral, perfectly fitting for Hallowe'en!

Alright then on to the images!

This was done yesterday, just some random doodlings and sketches.

This one was done tonight.

I began drawing this horrible mess on a white board and couldn't stop...

Here's the completed image. I tried to match my face to that of the characters on the board.

The pumpkin. Look at it. Look at its beauty.

Aaaaaand here it is with the candle in its maw. Nice.


Lord_Garvals said...

love this pumpkin.

NHOJ said...


I am not worthy, Lord Garvals!

Dapper Dan said...

Love the Jack O Lantern, the little details you carve look sweet. I would also love to see someone dress up as Triangapal for Halloween. Could that someone be you? ;)

NHOJ said...

Cheers, Dan!

Dressing up as Triangapal, eh...? A tad sacrilegious but it must be done!