DS Love

Just a quick update today.

It's looking likely that I'll be working on an 8 page comic for possible submission to Zuda comics based on a script by the talented Dave Hendrick. I don't want to give away much at the moment but I absolutely love what I've seen of the story so far, it's right up my alley. So, yeah, looking forward to working on that for definite. Between that and the third part of Blackstar, I'm going to be quite busy!

Oh, and here's a quicky. I did the following on my trusty DS using a the great homebrew application 'Colors.' Granted, this image isn't exactly brilliant or anything but it was nice to experiment. Another nifty little feature is that you can save your images and export them to your PC/Mac. Nice.

This app amazes me with what it can do and I'll look forward to messing around with it in future -- plus, it's yet another excuse to take my DS everywhere with me :)

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