Apologies for the lack of updates over the past week...my artistic spark was at an all-time low during the week. Anyhoo...I'm out at the parents' place at the moment and have been spending the last few hours sprucing up the pic I submitted last week -- as you can see, I've made quite a few changes. I made these changes for personal reasons more than anything else -- my commissioners at work were very happy with the previous piece and paid me fairly handsomely for it (as well as giving me a hamper with various goodies)...still, I like to think of myself as a perfectionist and I couldn't leave the piece as it was.

I was asked by my commissioners if I could take the little guy out of the pic in order to turn him into a logo/mascot for the company's newsletter so I thought that that was as good an excuse as any to go back to the original piece and give it a bit of a spring clean.

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