'lo all.

Not in the best of moods today -- I don't know if any of you other pencil scribblers out there get this but I tend to suffer from the aul' art blues...this is basically something that happens to me every now and then when I can't draw for shite. When I'm able to pull off a good pic, there is nothing in the world that can compare with the sense of self-worth and satisfaction it gives me, it really does make me feel like I do have a purpose...however, when I can't draw I suddenly feel like absolute and utter crap.

But then again, perhaps I'm just a whiny bitch.

Aaaaaanyhoo, I decided to take a (shhh) sicky from work this morning -- I just did not feel like going into that bloody soul-sapping factory job...granted it pays well but I would much rather be in a crap paying job that I'm actually happy doing over all the money in the world. So...I decided "Y'know what? Methinks since I have all these free hours to myself I should get out the sketch pad and get some serious drawing done!" So...there I was -- all set-up with a few reference books, a mirror, my pad, pencils, etc. -- sitting there drawing some stuff but I just kind of...I don't know...lost interest I suppose. I have a horribly short attention span...granted, once I really get into doing a picture, all time ceases to exist but I just don't think I could get myself into that proper 'left-brained' state today. So, in the end I just spent most of my day playing my Nintendo Wii and browsing the 'net. How productive.

The reason this pisses me off even more is due to the fact that I could have a chance at grabbing a really good paid art gig if I really focus on getting the job done, instead of sitting down typing out blogs about how pissed off I am.

Yeah...anyway, here's the only post-worthy pic from my random doodlings today:

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