Forget a pretentious intro. Art speaks more than a thousand words. Here's my stuff, expect more over the next while:


Dec said...

Hey man hows it goin?

Thanks a lot, you're spot on, i was all about the Jim Lee. Moved on eventually tho. It's taken a while, but i'm just about starting to go somewhere with the auld comics.

You'll have to refreash my terrible, terrible memory, how do i know you? 9 years, that's a long time ago, surprised you remembered me.

Really like that Jor El piece by the way. The stripper one too.

All the best,

John Cullen said...

I used to be in art class with you in Rice College (remember that horrible excuse for a class?). I would have been about two years behind you.

Cheers for the comments by the way.

J Cullen said...

Er...whoops. Logged in under an old account name. Ahem. Yes.

Dec said...

Good God! Rice College. Could you call that an Art class? That's why i changed schools after Leaving Cert to Flannans. Then again, Flannans was a complete doss. What've you been up to man?
I've to admit, i'm still a bit foggy, but i *think* i remember.

I certainly don't remember you being as good as you are now. Fair play. Have you gone to college? Still in Ennis?